Fundamental Principles from Icons every Investor must know [Compilation]

Updated: Jun 2

After spending countless hours online, learning about Stock Investing, we realized there is value in filtering the best content from all the noise out there. So my team & I decided to curate content (by watching 300+ hours of videos) and started putting them together in easily digestible formats.

Below are four fundamental Investing Principles that we feel every Investor must know, each featuring an Investing Icon. See how many of these you know and are already applying them:

  • Work hard for Passive Income ft Robert Kiyosaki [2-mins]: In this video, the bestselling author says that we all work hard for Earned Income (our Day Job basically). But how many of us work hard for Passive/Portfolio Income. Passive Income is what truly enables us to Become Financially Independent.

  • Power of Compounding ft Mohnish Pabrai [5-min]: A fascinating explanation of how $24 invested in 1626 could have potentially grown into $12 Trillion, by the sheer magic of Compounding!

  • Circle of Competence ft Warren Buffett [4-min]: Each of us, through experience or study, has built up useful knowledge on certain areas of the world. These areas are your Circle of Competence. Buffett says: in Investing, as long as you stay and operate inside of your Circle of Competence (no matter how small), you will do well. [4-min]

  • Know what you own ft Peter Lynch [3-mins]: You must thoroughly understand the company you are investing in. And understanding does not mean knowing about it's products or being a technical expert in the domain. It means understanding how the business works.


If you liked these videos, I think you will certainly find value in the Stock Investing 101 cohorts-based sessions that we do (FREE for now). We take you by the hand and guide you through the important fundamentals you must know to become better Investors.

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