Wisdom transforms us.

Each day, when someone young isn’t exposed to what is possible, their potential dims. We are building a streaming platform, to help people learn by standing on the shoulders of giants. We believe one can

have a lot of impact on someone just by showing them what is possible.

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As technology changes, so do students. So should classrooms, and so should our methods of teaching.

Samder Singh Khangrot

Founder & CEO

2X-Founder, worked with impact investment venture fund (IIIF), Ministry of Finance

Electronics Engineer and Stanford MBA

Ankit Rawat

Co-founder & CPO

9+ years of product experience. Founder of an AI startup for 4 years, CPO of a product with $20MM/monthly GMV.

IIT-Delhi (Computer Science)

We are always looking to help you find your next life lesson.

People who believe in us

Scouts from leading silicon valley venture funds

top AngelList investors, our family members, and friends all over the world.

Bhim Digital, Inc. is a Delaware C Corp

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